The Cabo Guide

Los Cabo sits at the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula and is split between two distinct cities, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Getting there is an easy direct flight from either LA or NYC (2 or 6 hours). The majority of the below recommendations sit in the San Lucas side, but San José is an easy taxi ride down the road (approx. 25mins).


The Cape A Thompson Hotel
The rooms don’t come cheap, however every single one is spacious, with a king size bed and ocean front views of El Arco. With great food, rooftop bars, beachside fire-pits, and a private world class surf break right out front, you’ll find it hard to leave the property. However if you do venture out, the staff are extremely helpful with recommendations and will work tirelessly to get bookings at some of the harder restaurants.


Flora Farms
This restaurant is about as ‘farm to table’ as it gets, everything on the menu is straight from the surrounding fields. It’s a bit of a trek, about 40 minutes outside of Cabo and as you bump over dirt roads you might be questioning the effort, but trust us, it’s worth it.

The Office
Set on the sand of Medano Bay the atmosphere is great fun. It’s usually packed with a big wait list out the door and live music. The Margherita’s come bucket size and the food is Mexican with an American persuasion; fried fish, burgers and ceviche.

Owned by the same people as The Office, however a much more suitable location for dinner. Again, the atmosphere is unmatched, with waiters making cocktails out of fire and colourful lanterns lighting up the tall roof.


Los Tamarindos
A less hyped spot than Flora Farms (meaning you might not spot a celebrity), but it provides a very similar farm to table experience. The setting is laid back and everything you eat is organic. The menu is simple, with refreshing options (especially after a week of tacos and corn chips), such as whole baked cauliflower, turmeric hummus and a pesto pasta.

Conveniently set in The Cape Hotel, Manta provides a Japanese Mexican fusion menu, in a sophisticated fit out, with spectacular views of El Arco.  

El Farallon
This one comes with a warning. Any guide will tell you about El Farallon, it’s been voted in the top 5 restaurants in Mexico. The setting is unbeatable, carved into a cliffside, and front row to the most spectacular sunsets and stargazing. The staff are also world-class, the food on the other hand… is close to terrible. We would recommend having a couple of drinks at their champagne bar instead, it means you can take in the scenery without having to fork out the cash on the enforced menu.


Cactus Tours
An adventure park which provides a whole range of experiences. Horse Riding, camel rides, ATV tours and dune buggying. They’ll force you to put your phone in a locker beforehand and claim it’s for safety, however the real reason is so you buy the professional photographs at the end, around $100USD.

A boat trip around El Arco
El Arco is much like The Capri Isles, but in our experience, not as crowded. It’s where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet. There’s plenty of wildlife to take in, including whale watching, with hump backs breaching just metres away. Otherwise colonies of sea lions sunbaking on the rocks. The clear water also makes for beautiful snorkelling and scuba diving.

La Paz  
Take a day trip to La Paz, a two hour drive from Cabo. Go snorkelling with whale sharks (a full day’s expedition) or check out the most famous beach in all of Baja, Balandra.

Todas Santos
Just an hour from Cabo San Lucas this small little town has plenty to offer. Taco stands, shopping and world class surf breaks. If you have time for lunch, check out the Italian restaurant Café Santa Fe. Or if you would like to slow down and stay a night or two check out the new Hotel San Cristobal.

Need to know: Upon entering Mexico you’ll be given an immigration card, hold on to this for the duration of the trip. You’ll need to hand it back at the airport when checking in, otherwise you will have to go to the immigration office and be issued a new one for $50pp and then wait back in line.